Zidora Aid Foundation Founder, Arinze Madueke’s Philanthropy

It is a fact that the success stories of most developed countries of the world have a lot to do with the pristine visions of some members of those societies.

Therefore, true nationalism is when the visionary content of a man accommodates goals concerning his personal growth and development and that of his or her country in general.

In today’s Nigeria, one of the few who have risen above all odds to impact their society is Dr. Arinze Madueke.

He is what he is today simply because he has refused to listen to the whispers of short-span satisfactory contentment. He has also tried to change the narratives in many sectors of the economy in his capacity as Chairman of Zidora Group of Companies.

This great philanthropist, now in his 30s, owns a number of thriving businesses, including Zidora Travel and Tours, Zidora Errands & Logistics, Zidora Consults, Zidora Media and Communication Limited, Zidora Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited, Zidora Real Estate, Zidora Agriculture and Food Services Limited, Arigo Technologies International Limited. Interestingly, he has also been rendering invaluable services to humanity via his Zidora Aid Foundation, which gives succour to the needy in and outside the country.

Through the Foundation, the Anambra High Chief has built houses and given scholarships to many indigent students. Society watch gathered that his beautiful wife, Chioma, has been most supportive in his chain of businesses. The mother of three, it was also learnt, is blessed with enviable leadership qualities, a factor that has also helped in the growth of the conglomerate.

Source: Press Reader

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