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Clean Environment For People

It is true that rural African communities suffer from poor sanitation, and unhygienic living environments. According to Africa Impact, in East and Southern Africa, high population growth rates and conglomerates moving in means consumers have more and more access to goods that, unfortunately, often end up discarded in the street, littered around within residential environment. Many destinations, including Zambia, suffer from ineffective (or non-existent) waste management systems, meaning litter and waste have to be burned, buried, or in some cases, simply never collected. This act damages the environment and poses a huge risk to wildlife.
In the spirit of upholding the need for clean residential environments for Africans, Zidora Aid Foundation seeks to join the quest to ensure a cleaner, greener Africa. We, at Zidora Aid Foundation, are aware that to achieve the aim of a cleaner, greener Africa will take a continuous commitment, heightened awareness and increased education across different locations around Africa. This cannot happen overnight. So, we are inviting donors and philanthropists to help push this cause forward and ensure we are continuing to work towards reducing waste, and building a cleaner Africa of our dream.

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